Welcome to our Kitsunet Rust Server!

See our map at:


  • No Wipes (Unless a game update/issue requires it)
  • Very build friendly due to its
    • Massive Map (Size 6000, the maximum allowed by the game)
    • 1/7 upkeep required, a day’s regular upkeep materials for your build lasts a week on this server. 
      (Subject to change but will always be at least less than 1/2)
    • Build friendly mods
  • High performance server (24 cores, 72gb RAM, storage on SSD for max speed)
  • 256 online player slots, invite all your friends
  • Newbie and Furry friendly, All welcome!


  • Compass, Crosshair and Colored name support
  • Magic Loot (Higher drop rates in lootcrates)
  • Strucure Refund (1/3 materials return on upgrade/demolish)
  • Connect messages/Death Notes
  • Private Messaging and Friends Lists

Friendly environment and a comfortably large world for us all to muck around in and enjoy our post-apoc lifes in pea… Ok ok MAYBE not quite in peace! But mostly. Friendly players, a great environment for new players to learn and old players to set up shop!   Owners are a small group from the furry community, but all are welcome of course. PVE, some mild PVP if you pester the wrong twitchy survivor, as real a survival environment as we can hope to provide.  MASSIVE sized map, plenty of places to build your home, but protect it well! Trade with your friend or raid your enemy, party up or lone wolf, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

To connect, just look for “Kitsunet” under Modded Servers.

Chat Friend List