Fediverse: Rules of Interaction

The rules of interaction

First, the basics of etiquette in the fediverse:

  1. Please put all NSFW content behind a content warning.
  2. Please put anything that could hurt, offend or trigger someone else, behind a content warning.
  3. A good guideline to follow is if you have any doubts whether or not some content should be behind a CW, place it behind a CW.

Infracting any of these rules will tend to get you and/or your instance banned quickly.

  1. Nazis and alt-righters need not apply.
  2. Members of hate sites like ED or KF also need not apply.
  3. People under 18 should apply when they become 18. Anyone found under 18 will be blocked from the instance.
  4. This is not a place that will tolerate hate speech, or hate on other members.
  5. Trolling other people in the fediverse will not be tolerated.
  6. Exposure of private or personal information of other members.
  7. Photos or real-life pictures of underage persons engaging in inappropriate or sexual acts.

The following is highly discouraged and may get you warned, and enough warnings may lead to being blocked from the instance

  1. Disrespecting of a members given gender pronouns, particularly if listed in their profile.
    1. If someone has a specified gender and pronouns that are gender related, please use and respect those pronouns.
  2. Disrespecting of others sexual orientation or gender status.
  3. Kinkshaming in general.
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